Foam Airplane Repairs

T-50 missile fix 1

This Video Demonstrates the ease of Repairing a foam wing tip Missile!

The T-50 main page is available here:

Foam missile repair on the Unique Models T-50 ….


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  • After reading your introduction I first, I wan to thank you for your passion to teach other the trade. Not too many people will do this. plus its obvious to me that your very knowledgeable. After that I started your video on fixing foam, and one thing you said caught my ear! you said “I’ve had this jet oh for a year or so” I stopped your video and thought how in the world does a guy fly a jet or any other RC planes for that long and it still in one peace? It seems I crash everything! I am wanting too much too fast. I only have 10 months flying, now your laughing, of course your new, your going to crash! Well your right about one thing ” Don’t trust kits to bind and fly” As I get better and better I am quickly understanding what your saying. My flying is as a rookie, however I am an engineer, I worked on just about everything the
    Air Force flies troubleshooting and analyzing mechanical /electrical systems was what I did everyday and I am good at it! but it don’t help flying a RC plane! ha ha. But it does help in spotting issues on RC plane/jets and I see a lot even on well to do RC companies. Anyway I am frustrated
    I know in my head how to fly and what I should do but I always seem to forget that one thing that would have helped me or even stopped a crash, for example, after takeoff with my fist jet, Stinger 64 I did not changed to high throw setting on elevator after takeoff and when it was needed I did not have enough elevator to get out of a dive! she crashed! Again! I want to fly jet better so I am going through all your jet stuff and ask question as I go. Such as the F-18 hornet I just bought the same one your working on in the video! Perfect. And for a great price…with everything and retracts for $70.00, never crashed so I will up grade like your video, quick question was that Lander a 70mm from Hobbyking? Well enough for now.

    Thank You
    Moses Atencio

    October 7, 2012
    • Rich Baker

      Thanks for the email… a good instructor makes all the difference when learning to fly… also the simulators are very good to practice on…. The T-50 is a Unique Models T-50 Korean trainer Jet…. I got it from Hobby King….. Rich

      November 12, 2012
  • Jerold De Castro

    First I’d like to thank you guys for the times and effort that you guys had given for building this very magnificent web site… I have a lot more to say but it seems like I can’t think much of a better words to say just to let you guys know, that for all youre times spent on this beautiful web site are very much deeply appreciated by me and more others…

    Thank you and may god bless RCInformer for all the helped and for giving others a better understanding on the RC World!!!

    March 26, 2013

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