Hi folks and welcome to my site, RCINFORMER.COM. My name is Rich Baker and I am the creator of this site. I have been building and flying R/C models since the early 80’s.

In addition to R/C, I am a career Airline Pilot for Delta Air Lines and a former FAA Flight Instructor with 23 years and thousands of hours of flying experience.  I was an Assistant Chief Pilot and Pilot Examiner for FlightSafety International and I have instructed pilots from all over the world for numerous international airlines.

With nearly 30 years of experience building and flying R/C models, I began with paper airplanes as a kid, quickly progressed to plastic models, followed by dope and tissue paper covered balsa wind-up models. I naturally evolved to R/C and began flying R/C helicopters in the early 1980’s.

I flew Heim, Schluter, and Hirobo helicopters in the early 80’s. As a teenager, I even won a few trophies at local fun fly events and continued flying R/C helicopters and airplanes thru my college years. During college, I was president and a founding member of the Daniel Webster College
R/C club where we all had a great time flying R/C. After college. I stopped flying R/C to pursue my aviation career.

In 2003, I resumed R/C flying and realized a significant correlation between my R/C flying and my experiences as a flight instructor and airline
pilot. For some time now I have wanted to get more involved in R/C. I recently found direction and decided to share my thoughts and experiences online.

Over the years I have developed a good sense for what works and what does not. Often when I am building a new model I find myself converting things that do not work into something that works well and I enjoy the satisfaction of a great flying machine. I have developed techniques and methods for aircraft assembly that stand out and have made my models more successful than they would have been if built in the stock configuration.  The fact is that MOST ARF/RTF/Reciever Ready models need some revision before they are ready to fly successfully out of the box. This is what this site is all about…. Identifying and resolving post production issues so your plane flys well the first time you fly it.

I hope this site is well received by all for I hope to provide information to builders, pilots and manufacturers in a way that is different than more traditional review websites. Rather than give you the same information that you can find everywhere else, I plan to include more “Need to Know” and “Innovative” information that I have already tested and found to be successful.

My goal is simple, provide credible, detailed information about assembly, setup and flying of models that is useful and useable to the Builder, Pilot and Manufacturer. I will share these things on this site in the form of text, pictures and videos.

To all that are reading this, Enjoy…. and thanks for viewing the site!

Here I am at the 1991 Helicopter at Experimental Aircraft Exibition at Boire Field in Nashua, NH.  This is the Cap 10B static model Our R/C Club built for the Daniel Webster College Library. The model sits along side the real Cap 10 that I and many of the schools students trained in.

Circa 1998: My Airwolf Model. It is a Heim Bell 222 that I modified to replicate the famous TV helicopter.

I built it in 1984, It still flys today.

Flying the big dogs…. on the 757 to Alaska.

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