FREEWING Seagull 4 in 1 EDF Jet & Prop plane From

Freewing STINGER 63HP-4S From

Art-Tech F-86 30mm EDF Jet from MOTIONRC.COM

Freewing Me 262 twin 70mm EDF jet

The long Awaited Flight demonstration video:

The long awaited Me 262 Build Guide:

This is a Demo flight I did at the Triple Creek R/C Club:

This video Demonstrates how some techniques for flying a Twin engine model on only one engine:

DURAFLY / HOBBY KING de Havilland DH.110 Sea Vixen

The Flight Demo Video:

The Review & Build Guide:

Unique Models T-50 Korean Trainer EDF Jet….. 8-31-11

T-50 slide

See A full Written Review and flying video of the Unique Models T-50 EDF Jet!

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Foam Airplane Repairs

T-50 missile fix 1

This Video Demonstrates the ease of Repairing a foam wing tip Missile!

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Banana Hobby / Starmax F-18C ….. 7-20-11

f18 land fix

See a detailed guide for Making your Starmax F-18 fly! Watch a full instructional video Demonstrating the installation of a landing gear system that will allow you to fly your Starmax F-18 on grass!


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